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A Powerful 360° Tour API, built with GraphQL

GraphQL for 360 degree tours

GraphQL 360 is an API that allows you to create and consume 360 degree panoramic tours. Decoupling the 360 degree tour from the UI/UX design for creation and consumption of the tours enables a richer experience.

Platform Flexibility

Having an API powered 360 degree tour enables the creation of native experiences across a range of platforms. Whether you want to create or consume, it becomes easy to integrate with tools such as A-Frame, React360, and Unity. Android and iOS applications can break free of a dependence on webviews.
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Why choose GraphQL?

360 degree tours are naturally a graph which makes GraphQL a natural choice. In addition the simplicity and flexibility GraphQL provides an excellent tool to extract the parts of the 360 degree tour needed.

Fast optimized hosting

GraphQL 360 uses Amazon Web Services to deliver both the API and the underlying panoramas. This allows us to deliver a world class resilient exprience. In addition images are served via CDN allowing for lightning fast load of your 360° panoramas.


AFrame Sample Screenshot
The sample applications help to demonstrate what is possible using the api. The tour is displayed using one of our aframe-nunjucks sample app. Your can find the source for the app on GitHub (linked below). Additionally, you can also read about how we created this tour.
You can get right into the action by exploring our samples on GitHub. Check out the first couple, with more coming soon.

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